BCM Lemon Madeleines

20150228_130339These madeleines are the perfect little lemon tea cakes made with sponge cake batter! You’ll  need a madeleine pan if you want to achieve the classic shape.   If you don’t want to invest in a madeleine pan you can use a mini muffin pan.  According to Dorie, they need to rise in the oven so that they have a “hump”.  Mine rose nicely and had a beautiful “hump”, but when I removed them from the pan to the cooling rack, the cooling rack left a grid mark on my beautiful “hump”.   20150228_120450The batter goes together very quickly and is then chilled for at least an hour. I made up the batter one evening after work, chilled it overnight, then baked the madeleines the next day.  I chose to glaze them which added even more lemon flavor, the other option is to just dust them with powdered sugar.

Packaged up these were a great little treat to give my girlfriends at a birthday celebration dinner.IMG_20150228_131718crop

This post participates in the Baking Chez Moi bake-along.   To see the other participants results visit the Tuesdays with Dorie LYL (Leave your link) blog post.  The recipes are not generally posted online.  You will need to buy the book for the complete set of recipes.

About Created by Carlene

I am retired and live in Northern California with my husband and Thor the Standard Poodle mix.
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20 Responses to BCM Lemon Madeleines

  1. That’s too weird about the rack leaving marks – I have never seen that. In any case your madeleines look lovely!

  2. Love your Madeleins. This happened to me too. Since Dorie asked us to take the Madeleines out of the mold straight from the owen, they were still so warm that the rack left a mark on them. I will make them cool a little in the molds next time.

  3. What a nice treat for your friends!! I’ve had my rack leave marks, too :/

  4. zosia says:

    Your little cakes are beautiful. They’re so delicate freshly baked, I usually turn them out onto a kitchen towel – acts like a cushion – then transfer them to a rack, ridged-side down.

  5. Cher says:

    Awe – poor humps 🙂
    Your cakes (cookies? – I never know what to call them) came out beautifully.

  6. Lovely madeleines! I love Zosia’s suggestion…great idea!

  7. Great idea to package them up and give them as a gift. I am sure your friend loved them!

  8. darned rack marks! I’m sure no one noticed when they were packaged up so cute!

  9. I love that you packaged them up to give to friends as a gift! What a great idea! And the dotted cellophane really complements the madeleines — which look great, btw!

  10. Well, they look lovely just the same, marks or no marks. I just turn them out of the pan directly on my pastry board. I don’t even mess with a cooling rack. They look so pretty in the polkadotted packaging.

  11. These look pretty perfect in the polka dot bags-so cute. I’m sure they were a big hit.

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