BWJ Pizza with Onion Confit

onion pizza 2-1My husband took one look at this pizza and said he was headed to the store for pepperoni.  Since it was ready to bake and would be done in 15 minutes I convinced him to wait and try it.  He did and he actually thought it was “ok”.  I thought the pizza was pretty good, and yes I did want to eat spoonfuls of the onion confit alone!  I was not overly impressed with the crust, however, I think I added too much flour.  I’ll probably try the crust again some time and be more careful about adding the flour before I make my final decision on the crust.

If you would like to try this unusual and tasty pizza, Paul of theboycanbake is the host this week and he has the recipe on his blog.  The recipe can also be found on pages 157-159 of Baking with Julia.   Check out the “Leave your Link” post on  Tuesdays with Dorie to see what all the bakers thought about this pizza.

About Created by Carlene

I am retired and live in Northern California with my husband and Thor the Standard Poodle mix.
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5 Responses to BWJ Pizza with Onion Confit

  1. SandraM says:

    I think I added too much flour as well. I used half of the dough the first night with the onion confit and I thought the dough was a little stiff. But the other half that spent a night in the fridge turned out so much better. I think it just need to relax a bit. If I make it again, I would decrease my flour or add it more slowly to ensure I’m not adding too much.

  2. bevwinchester says:

    My dough came out very nicely, but the onion confit was a bit much for me- I will decrease the sugar next time for sure! Your pizza looks wonderful- hope it was delicious!

  3. Cathleen says:

    I loved this pizza. It was hard not to eat all the confit before it made it on to the dough! I will be making this again soon.

  4. Cher says:

    What is it with guys and the need for pepperoni on their pizza 🙂
    This was a fun one to try even if it doesn’t become a regular.

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