BWJ Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

I’m sitting in my hotel room in San Francisco listening to the mournful sounds of a lone trumpeter in Union Square and the clang of the cable car bells as they climb the hill as I write this post.  I’ve been in meetings non stop for the past couple of days listening to excellent speakers challenging us to revisit our leadership skills and foster innovation and change in our work places.  It’s always energizing to take a few days off and connect with colleagues.

I baked these muffins last week because I knew I would be at my conference this week.  What an easy recipe after some of the others we have tackled so far for Tuesdays with Dorie.  I did do a double take on the amount of shortening and sugar in the recipe, however, the resulting muffin is of excellent crumb and superb taste.  The recipe says they are best eaten the day they are made which I don’t disagree with, but I  put the leftovers  in the freezer and they really are still very good reheated on a busy workday morning.  Alisa of Easier than Pie is the host this week and you can find the recipe on her blog or on page 207 of Baking with Julia.  Many of the bakers made changes to the recipe to make it healthier.  Check out everyone’s modifications of this simple recipe on the LYL (Leave Your Link) post.

About Created by Carlene

I am retired and live in Northern California with my husband and Thor the Standard Poodle mix.
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6 Responses to BWJ Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

  1. SandraM says:

    Your muffins look great. it was a lot of sugar. I too was shocked. Will definitely change that if I make them again.

  2. Cathleen says:

    I placed the muffins in an airtight container overnight and thought they were just fine the next day – other than I felt they were bland. The addition of blueberries (to half of the batter) helped in the flavor dept. Glad you liked them!

  3. smarkies says:

    3 little muffins all in a row – cute! I thought the sugar was quite a bit too but was a bit worried about decreasing it too much as it might affect the recipe, so I kept it as is.

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